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Fine Copper Mesh

Fine Copper Mesh

Copper Wire Mesh is similar to a cloth with wire threads woven at right angles. Our plain weave copper cloth is flimsy and easy to cut by common scissors. It has an unpolished surface. Confirming to wire mesh.

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Fine Copper Mesh is designed with openings ranging from 0.001 inch to 0.005 inch (0.030 mm to 0.122 mm). This metal fabric is totally made by 100% copper. It is quite easy to any shapes with common knife or scissors.
Micro aperture allows its many applications as screens and sieves. For example, it can be used as locomotive engine compartments for ventilation. Softness and flexibility makes it very easy to operate in producing handcrafts or artworks.
Faraday cages often choose fine copper mesh as its material. The meshes are grounded to dissipate any electric currents generated by the external electromagnetic fields.

Mateiral: 100% pure copper.
Mesh size: 60–300 mesh.
Roll width: 0.914 m, 1.0 m, 1.22 m and customized sizes.
Roll length: 30 m, 50 m, 100 m and customized lengths.
Customized specifications on large quantity order are also available.

Available Sizes of Fine Copper Mesh
Item mesh/inch Wire Diameter Opening Weight
    mm inch mm inch Kg/m2
AHS-F-01 60 0.122 0.005 0.3 0.012 0.482
AHS-F-02 60 0.160 0.006 0.26 0.01 0.829
AHS-F-03 60 0.190 0.007 0.23 0.009 1.170
AHS-F-04 64 0.100 0.004 0.30 0.012 0.346
AHS-F-05 66.8 0.080 0.003 0.30 0.012 0.231
Note: this parameter is a conventional product of our company, and products with special specifications can be customized

Excellent EMI/RFI/EMC shielding performance.
Beautiful and attractive surface.
Excellent electical conductivity.
Faraday cage
EMI/RFI/EMC shielding mesh
MRI shielding mesh

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