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Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screen

Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screen

Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screen

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AHS is an experienced wedge wire engineering and manufacturing company. An industrial filter screen with special profile welded with v wire slots and precise filtration rating.
We are wedge wire screen supplier with following advantages: 
- Expertise and experience
- Precise aperture and filtration rate
- Choice stainless steel materials 
- Engineering capacity to meet special requirements 
- Long term supplier to customers in Germany, UK, US, Singapore, Australia, India, Vietnam and much more countries.

Wedge Wire
Model: Stainless steel wedge wire filter cartridge 
Material: AISI 201 304 316 316 L
Size: Width 1.5 mm x height 2.5 mm
RM: 110 - 140 daN/mm2, V 20 or V 25
Market: Supply to German
Wedge Wire Screen for Pusher Centrifuge
Model: 316L Wedge wire cylinder for pusher centrifuge and evaporators 
Material: SS316L 201 304 316 316 L
Size: OD192 x 120mm length
Slot: 0.08 mm
Profile Wire: 1x2mm
Market: Supply to India

Wedge Wire to Manufacture Bespoke Screens
Model: 12.7 x 25.75 x 7mm Manganese Steel Wedge Wire 
Material: Manganese steel 
Size: Lengths from 750mm to 1500mm
Profile as following:
Flat Wedge Wire Panels
Model: Flat stainless steel wedge wire panel with support rods
Size: 38” x 24” with 0.004” opening
Market: Supply to USA
Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screen
Model: Rotary screen 
Material: Stainless Steel SUS 304  201 304 316 316 L
Profile: V Wire
Size: 0.8mm x 2.5mm x 3.5mm
Market: Supply to Viet Nam
Technical datasheet attached: Mesh structure, profile and welding details.
Wedge Wire Cylinder
Model: Standard external circumferential screen cylinder 
Type: V shape wire tube 
Structure: V shape welded wire
Material: SS 304 201 304 316 316 L
Size: 2.5 inch x length 6 m 
Market: Supply to Singapore
Wedge Wire Filter Cartridge
Model: Wedge wire filter candles
Construction: Wedge wire construction
Material: 316 stainless steel 201 304 316 316 L
Size: Filter element OD 25 to 26mm, L 590-600mm (including end cap for blind end) + fitting
Fitting: ½” NPT male hex
Filtration: 40 micron, 10 micron, 5 micron
Market: Supply to Australia
Technical datasheet attached.
Wedge Wire Filter Element
Model: Vertical vessel wedge wire filter elements 
Project: Engineering Design and Supply of wedge wire filter element c/w vessel for cooling water treatment.
Vessel Type: Vertical
Market: Supply to Malaysia.
Technical datasheet attached, including design data, process operating data, and filter details.
PDF: Wedge Wire Filter Element c/w vessel

316 Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Cylinder for Water Filter System
Model: Wedge wire with axial slots ( parallel to axis); wedge wire with radial slots (perpendicular to axis).
Shape: Cylinder
Flow: In to out
Material: 316 Stainless steel 201 304 316 316 L
Inner Diameter: 10 cm
Pipe Length: 25 cm
Slot Width: 0.05 mm
Filtration: 50 microns
Profile: Alternating inverted and upright triangles or normal triangular(cross section) 
Ends: Closed with a 5 cm diameter hole in the center for piping purposes on one end and open on the other
Market: Supply to Singapore
Wedge Wire Cylinder to Filter Particles
Model: Stainless steel wedge wire cylinders, threaded at both ends.
Material: Stainless steel
Size: Cylinders between 3-6cm in diameter, about 5cm in length.
Filtration: 650 microns
4" & 5" Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Well Screen for Water Well

Model: Wedge wire well screen to be installed inside 6" water well 
Material: Stainless steel 201 304 316 316 L
Size: 4 inch and 5 inch 
Well screen length: 2 m x 20 pieces
Slot size: 1mm
Both Ends: Male / Female threaded ends
Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screens for Mining
Model: Wedge wire mining mesh screens for loaded carbon mining
Material: Stainless steel 304
Wedge Wire Mesh Basket Filter
Model: Basket filter 
Processing: Welded 
Material: Stainless steel AISI 304 201 304 316 316 L mesh 
Filter shape: Basket 
Market: Supply to Italy
Technical datasheet
V Profile Wedge Wire Screens ( 0.20mm or 0.25mm Slot )
Model: V profile wire
Material: Stainless steel 304 201 304 316 316 L
Outer diameter 699 mm x Inner diameter 679 x 210mm, 0.25mm slot
Outer diameter 799mm x Inner diameter 779 x 210mm, 0.25mm slot
Outer diameter 630mm x Inner diameter 610 x 280mm, 0.20mm slot
Outer diameter 730mm x Inner diameter 710 x 280mm, 0.20mm slot
Market: Supply to India
Wedge Wire Panels
Model: V wire filter panel used in HSG-1100 and HSG-1300 centrifuges.
Project: Wedge wire panels for centrifuge working with coal preparation process. 
Aperture size: 0.5 mm.

Complete series of filter elements

A complete series of filter elements is available for a host of different applications. Our AHS hydraulic filter elements reduce solid contamination to the required contamination class, prevent ingress of extraneous dirt, and maintain the properties of the pressure fluid over the long term.

Toughest test procedures—outstanding ratings

Our AHS hydraulic filter elements are tested for compliance with all common standards in the hydraulics industry. Why? Because we want objectively documented, reproducible results for our customers. We therefore put ourselves to the test against internationally recognized standards such as ISO 16889. Our filters achieve outstanding ratings for dirt holding capacity, beta-ratio stability, and retention rates.

Innovative solutions partner with systems expertise

AHS industrial filtration has been producing high-quality industrial filter element for fluid technology, construction machinery hydraulic system, and process technology for many years. As an innovative, reliable development partner and supplier for the leading manufacturers of hydraulic systems and equipment all over the world, AHS industrial filtration is your expert partner in all areas of filtration and separation.

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